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Calling All Authors – Write For Us

Destinworld Publishing is happy to receive submissions and manuscripts from authors. We accept unsolicited non-fiction manuscripts (strictly no fiction or children’s books).

Our existing authors are passionate about their subjects. Some are academics or work in their field of interest; others are writers who have written about their subject many times and always have something new to say. Others still have never written a book before, but have a great idea for a book they can write.

We would love to hear your ideas for a book. There are no prerequisites in order to write for us, but we expect you to have a vast knowledge of your subject and an ability to put into words your passion for it. You should have access to the material you need to complete the book, and have clear and proficient writing skills.

We are not a vanity publisher; all of our authors are paid a fair royalty for sales of their books, and we provide professional editing, design and distribution of the books we publish.

We do, however, expect our authors to also show as much passion in spreading the word about their new book through social media, book signings and telling everyone you know.

Please send a summary of your book to info@destinworld.com, including:

  • A Summany
  • Title Suggestion
  • Sample Chapter and Photographic Material
  • Information on the Target Audience
  • A Brief Biography and Background Information About You
  • An Idea on When You’ll Complete the Book

We read all proposals and will get back to you as soon as possible.

If you prefer to send a book proposal by post, our address is:

Destinworld Publishing Ltd
579 Yarm Road
TS16 9BJ

(We do not accept book proposals by telephone)

What we are looking for

We publish books on aviation (civil and military; modern and historic), local history, sporting history, travel, Christianity and transport in general (trains, buses, trams etc.).

We are particularly looking for authors to write books in our Timelines, A Rare Insight and Little Books series’.