Destinworld Publishing to Publish New Book Charting Britain’s Most Important Historic Objects

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Stockton-on-Tees, 13 January 2022) – Destinworld Publishing announces a new title for Spring 2022 which sheds light on the most important historic objects which define Britain. Acclaimed author Paul Chrystal has drawn on his experience in the history of this nation and his many years researching and writing books, as well as broadcasting on the BBC and contributing to many publications to come up with this definitive list of objects. There are many ways by which the history [...]


Which are the Best Scottish Whisky Distilleries to Visit?

Despite being hundreds of years old, and having endured periods where it was out of favour, today whisky is big business, and nowhere more so than in Scotland. All across the country there are distilleries, both young and old, producing this aqua vitae, or water of life, as it was once known, and exporting all across the world to appreciative fans. Some of the distilleries operate in traditional buildings dating back hundreds of years. However, some more recent distilleries use brand-new [...]


Yorkshire’s Most Famous Authors

The wild landscapes and northern industrial cities of Yorkshire in northern England evoke many images in our minds, and many famous authors and writers have hailed from this region or been inspired by it in their works. Here we list some of Yorkshire’s most famous authors and a bit about how the region marked their work so noticeably. J. C. Atkinson (1851-1900) Two miles outside Danby in Danby Dale is St Hilda’s church. John Christopher Atkinson is buried there – ornithologist, natural [...]


Which are the oldest whisky distilleries in Scotland?

Whisky has been an important part of Scotland’s identity and heritage for over 500 years. Known as “aqua vitae”, or water of life, this alcoholic spirit was first produced purely for medicinal purposes, with medical practitioners being responsible for its distilling. It was not until the 17th century, however, that the distilling of whisky became more prominent. When the malt tax was introduced in 1725, many of these distilleries were closed down or moved to illicit distilling practices, ever watchful of [...]