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    Extreme Caring - You Have to Go On

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    Extreme Caring – You Have to Go On

    By Stuart Donnan

    “On a Saturday in May 2000 Beryl collapsed while we were visiting our son and his family. I caught her as she fell; three of us present were doctors and we realised what was happening.”

    When his wife was struck down by a stroke, medical academic Stuart Donnan embarked on a journey of learning to understand and manage her needs and the complex side effects of the stroke. Ten years later a further diagnosis revealed that Beryl was suffering from dementia including some aspects of Alzheimer’s disease.

    This heartfelt and honest account of Stuart’s journey in extreme caring for Beryl and her condition at home, and of coping with the demands of her conditions, is a compelling read. It seeks to understand the reasons that these medical conditions happen, and how the sufferer is affected through diminishing mobility and memory. For anyone in a similar situation this book offers comfort and support in your own struggles with caring for stroke and dementia sufferers.

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