Paul Menzies and Destinworld Publishing to Add Colour to Middlesbrough’s History

Paul Menzies and Destinworld Publishing to Add Colour to Middlesbrough’s History

Destinworld Publishing announces Middlesbrough – A Colourful Past, a new book title for Spring 2022 which brings colour to the fascinating history of Middlesbrough for the first time.

This ‘never seen before’ work offers a unique selection of images, many in colour for the very first time, which together with detailed insights into the town’s history, provide a landmark contribution to the rich heritage of the region.

Paul Menzies, a well-known local author and broadcaster, says: “Having written many books, I was looking for a different ‘angle’ in presentation.” He adds: “By adding colour, suddenly the images of 100 years ago were images of yesterday. It was as if I had opened my office window and could see and touch yesterday’s world today. I am used to working in image restoration but adding colour really upped the wow factor. 

“I knew then that these restored images deserved a larger audience.”

With over 350 images, the book is printed in a large landscape format and covers themes such as the town’s historic (and lost) buildings, industry, wartime, important events, each with supplementary material such as newspaper clippings, advertisements and maps. A veritable treasure trove for those who live in or know Middlesbrough well, and something to pass on to future generations.

Speaking of his hopes for this book, Paul comments: “I want the book to make a definitive point in recording the history of Middlesbrough – the industrial heritage that we all know about but have little record of other than small black and white images in the history books already published. To see the industrial images in colour was really quite an experience – colour adds a touch of beauty to what was often a very harsh and tough world.”

The book also includes contributions from those who consider Middlesbrough “Their Town”. These include actors Mark Benton and Bill Fellows, broadcasters John Foster and Scott Makin, artist Mackenzie Thorpe, restrauteur Eugene McCoy and educationalist Chris Griffiths.

Available from 27 April, Middlesbrough – A Colourful Past is available to pre-order now here.


Paul Menzies has written extensively about the Teesside region for more than thirty-six years. As well as his many books on the area, Paul’s weekly Teesside history broadcast on BBC Radio reaches many listeners. With his regular lectures and talks throughout the region, Paul is very much at the heart of promoting the history and heritage of the area. Other accomplishments include the BBC Radio series Keep The Home Fires Burning which he wrote and presented together with articles which appear on the BBC history website.

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