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15 Great Lost Middlesbrough Buildings

Central Middlesbrough has changed so much over the past century. In his new book, Middlesbrough 1920-2020: A Century of Change, author Araf Chohan has uncovered hundreds of photographs which show these changes. For many, the main landmarks of Middlesbrough have been the buildings which define the town and life there. Perhaps most famous is the iconic Transporter Bridge. Sadly many of these landmark buildings have been lost over the years. Who remembers these?   The Royal Exchange One of Middlesbrough’s most lamented buildings. The Victorian [...]


Nostalgic photos give a fascinating look at Linthorpe Road in Middlesbrough

Linthorpe Road is one of Middlesbrough’s main thoroughfares. Today it is part-pedestrianised, part-commercial and part-residential. Ever since the relatively new town of Middlesbrough (it was founded in 1830) started spreading southwards across the railway from the original township at St Hilda’s, Linthorpe Road became one of the main routes. It led, as the name suggests, to the village of Linthorpe a mile or two south of Middlesbrough. Today Linthorpe is wholly part of Middlesbrough, which has spread even further south into [...]